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by xrainspritex (xrainspritex)
at January 29th, 2006 (07:43 am)

Hiya, Big Bad Newbie here,

I just got out of the looney bin last week and of course my weight has gone kaboom! I hit 9stone today and I’m pretty miserable. Shameful I know, but ana’s back with a vengeance and I’m determined I’m going t oget back to my Lowest weight and beyond. I’d really be appreciative of some support through, and if anyone has any tips to lose weight quicker or hide what you’re doing from friends and family I’d be really grateful to you.

. Your Name:
. Age:
. Height:
. Current Weight:
126 / 9st
. Highest weight:
. Lowest weight:
8st8 (119)
. Short term goal:
8st8 (119)
. Long term goal:
. What ED you have:
Diagnosed with EDNOS by a shrink
Add a picture here: If it's ok I won't because there's some friends who'd go mad if they saw me here.