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Jeni [userpic]
Call me crazy...
by Jeni (fivecandles)
at June 28th, 2005 (12:52 pm)

but I love having to lie and say I weigh more than I do. I get such a rush from it. Whether its lying to a doctor or lying to concerned friends or family, I love it. I may be saying "Oh, I think I'm around 110 or 115...I just look smaller" but inside I'm screaming "Yes! Fooled another one!"

by j a r r e d (ralf_in_sink)
at June 16th, 2005 (03:20 pm)

my mood: blah
current song: Drug Song--Leftover Crack

. Your Name: Jarred

. Age: 17

. Height: 5'11"

. Current Weight: 121

. Highest weight: 160/170 around there

. Lowest weight: 47 (I was using H and just forming my eating disorder, it wasn't like pre-pubescent weight)

. Short term goal: 120

. Long term goal: 115/110

. What ED you have: EDNOS.

---->Please add a picture of yourself, or a thinspiration picture if you could, thankyou.
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i lost 3 lbssssssss
by thebeautylies (thebeautylies)
at May 30th, 2005 (11:34 pm)

my mood: bitchy

whoa im a fuckin loser tried every possible way 2 get this food up fuck fuck fuck sick of being a huge cow

Why must i be so fat
by thebeautylies (thebeautylies)
at May 28th, 2005 (08:55 pm)
my mood: huge

im a fat pig man whoa i need some tips on how to stop fucking eat and lose weight quickly please

by thebeautylies (thebeautylies)
at May 28th, 2005 (08:42 pm)
my mood: like shit

. Your Name:
. Age:
. Height:
. Current Weight:
. Highest weight:
185 uggggggg < fav boots lol
. Lowest weight:
. Short term goal:
. Long term goal:
. What ED you have:
bulimia with a hint of ana

I wish I was Forest Gump [userpic]
by I wish I was Forest Gump (starve_me_weak)
at May 20th, 2005 (11:03 am)
current song: adema - barricades in time

I finally reached my short term goal...


by bbeautiful90 (bbeautiful90)
at May 10th, 2005 (07:58 pm)

my mood: frustrated

I hate myself!! My god!
I had finally lost 2 pounds (making me 107) and then dinner rolled around. Since my parents are so freaked out about my weight dropping so quickly, they actually FORCE me to take seconds and thirds. And while my mom is usually extremely healthy and would never put a carb or a gram of fat in a meal, my dad cooked today so we had what would come out of a bag or can. Here is what I had:

*2 bowls of beef stew
*Half of a sloppy joe on whole grain bread
*Handful of Gold 'N' Krackle

I am so mad! They actually MADE me eat all of this and they are now in the screening room (which in my house is next to my bedroom/bathroom) so I can't even purge.

I hope you all had a better day than me.


by bbeautiful90 (bbeautiful90)
at May 9th, 2005 (08:37 pm)
pissed off

my mood: pissed off
current song: Papa Roach

. Name: Lauren

. Age: 13

. Height: 5'4-5'5

. Current Weight: 109 (ewww)

. Highest weight: 118

. Lowest weight: 102

. Short term goal: 104

. Long term goal: 90 and below

. What ED you have: ana

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day because I know mine totally sucked! One filet mignon, one side salad, one plain sweet potatoe, handful of raisins, and lots of Gold 'n' Krackle!!! I HATE my parents when they do this to me!!!

Stay Strong!!


lastlorelei [userpic]
by lastlorelei (lastlorelei)
at May 2nd, 2005 (02:04 pm)

Where is Jen?
Haven't seen her for a little while.....

i'm the new girl
by kissmeidareyou (kissmeidareyou)
at April 26th, 2005 (10:51 am)

just wanted to say hi and introduce myself..i am really excited to part of this community and to finally have girls to talk to about this kind of stuff..

Name: brandy
Age: 22
Height: 5'3
Current Weight: 112
Highest Weight: 125
Goal Weight: 100
BMI: 19.8
Picture: yikes!!
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