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Nothing is as good.....

...as THIN feels!!!

Obsession for Perfection
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Welcome to 'Obsession For Perfection.' This is a PRO-ANOREXIA NERVOSA AND BULIMIA EDNOS COMMUNITIE ONLY!! This Communitie contains support, feedback, thinspiration, inspiration, and LJ ana.mia friends.

NO anti-ed posts! This is a community for people who have ed's and want support! If you do not have an Ed then do not join this communitie. This communitie is not a diet plan. DO not come here to "become" anorexic or bulimic. Because its NOT happening.


-->This ia a place where people support and help each other, not judge them for their views or for their ed's.
-->No Anti's! This is not a place for it, and i will not tolerate it. This community is SUPPORT only.
--> Any pictures, please use under a LJ cut. If you dont know how, ask a freind.

.....Upon joining, please fill this out and post!.......

. Your Name:

. Age:

. Height:

. Current Weight:

. Highest weight:

. Lowest weight:

. Short term goal:

. Long term goal:

. What ED you have:

---->Please add a picture of yourself, or a thinspiration picture if you could, thankyou.


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Add, < at the beginning of this cut to help promote in different communities! thankyou.